Frontline Youth Ministry ______________________________________________________ 

We call ourselves Frontline because students are confronted with many challenges, struggles, changes, disappointments, accomplishments, and battles on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Statistics tell us that at least 75% of the people who trust Christ do it before they leave high school. This statistic means that students are on the Frontline of the spiritual battlefield.   




Too many young people are simply not prepared for the spiritual and social demands of living for Christ in a world of temptation, trouble, and peer pressure. Since this is true, Frontline  is a ministry designed to challenge and to equip Jr and Sr high students to present their world with the loving message of Jesus Christ. We want to be a part of something that is real and relevant. We emphasize authentic relationships, genuine faith, skillful evangelism, moral boundaries, healthy friendships, wise choices, and others first. Students should feel confident in presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is intelligent, sensitive, gentle, and effective. Understanding the secular mindset enables trained students to be persuasive in responding to objections and legitimate questions their friends may pose.   

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