Our Purpose:
The Purpose of Living Hope Community Church is to glorify God by seeing our lives as a ministry and every relationship as a ministry opportunity.

Our Strategy:

Our strategy to incorporate our purpose into the hearts, minds, and lives of our members is illustrated by this cycle graphic:

Lift Up    

It all begins with praying for people.  Impacting people for Christ begins by lifting them up to the Lord in prayer.  Prayer creates a fertile environment for outreach.  LHCC encourages each believer to maintain a prayer list of those people in their lives who have not yet trusted Christ.  This list includes both those we have spoken to about Christ and those we want to talk to in the future.  Prayer is an essential act of loving service for those who are in our sphere of influence.  We encourage prayer for: 1) wisdom to recognize the “natural” opportunities the Lord provides to share Christ with those we have already been praying for;

2) boldness to talk about the Gospel with gentleness and love; and
3) receptive hearts to receive the Truth regarding the sinless life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Reach Out         

The Lord puts people in our lives and gives us opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.  Along with our prayers, we need to be continually looking for opportunities to reach out to people who need Christ.  Christians need to actively cultivate relationships with non-believers who they can reach out to with the love of Christ.  The Lord leads people (believers too) into circumstances beyond their ability to control.  He does this as an act of His grace so people will reach out to Him.  Christians need to be wise in reaching out to people during the opportunities the Lord allows. 

Invite In    

This invitation is two-fold.  First, “lifting up” and “reaching out” are necessary preparations for inviting people to respond to Christ.  Inviting people to trust Christ requires boldness.  Fear of rejection, fear of not having all the answers, fear of not knowing what to do or say are some of the reasons Christians stop short of asking people to respond to the presentation of the Gospel.  As believers, we must be bold enough to ask people to invite Christ into their lives.  After all, they are the folks we are praying for.  Second, when it is possible, the invitation to visit church is also an important part of the process God uses in people’s lives.  Church life is a necessary aspect of spiritual development.

Grow With    

The Lord calls us to belong to a body of believers when He calls us to be saved.  Salvation is not the final goal of the Christian’s life but rather the starting point.  In order to become the people God wants us to be, we need other believers to teach, train, disciple, and model the Christian life for us so that we can better cope with the life struggles we all face.  LHCC is committed to discipleship.  We want to grow with the people the Lord brings us.  Through the local church, God equips believers cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually to accomplish the work He has prepared in advance for us to do.

Send On 

Every believer is commanded to go and make disciples.  Jesus gave us this command and it is called the Great Commission: “Go, make disciples of all nations…”.  (Mt. 28:19)  Regardless of how long a person has been a believer, we are witnesses to Jesus Christ.  As we live our lives, we are to make the most of every opportunity to represent the Risen Savior to the people in our sphere of influence.

Lift Up 

This restatement is a reminder that the whole cycles repeats and multiplies itself!

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